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11,235 foot Mt. Hood is the only 12 month ski area in North America. Race training takes place on Palmer and Zig Zag Glaciers with freeriding on White River Glacier. With two express quad chairs and 2500' vertical, it's more than all other summer ski areas combined!

Mt. Hood weather is highly variable with mid-winter conditions likely at any time. Winter clothing and equipment should be brought as well as summer clothing. Layers work best at Mt. Hood. As it warms during the day, you'll take the layers off and stow them in your backpack.

Sun protection is very important, skiing at the 8,500 foot level is hazardous to the skin and eyes if not well protected. You must bring a good pair of glacier glasses and #15 sunscreen.

FREERIDERS spend most of their time in our park on Lower Palmer and in the public park on the Magic Mile. You'll get endless hits on the Mile and awesome free carving up on Palmer.

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